Vegetable scraper

This is a percussion instrument, where notches are cut along a hard vegetable or fruit to create ridges then another hard vegetable is scrapped along the ridges to make the sound.

Difficulty of construction: starstarstarstarstar (5 stars hardest, 1 star easiest)

Video of Steve Mesure demonstrating how to make a radish scraper- also available to download in quicktime or windows media player format

Squash Udu


  • 1x Hard fruit or vegetable, we used a Daikon (Japanese radish), because they are long and hard.
  • 1x Kitchen knife
  • 1x Carrot (or similar) to do the scraping

Cut ridges into the vegetable. Scrape with the other vegetable. Sometimes this instrument can be rather quiet because vegetables are not hard enough. By placing the end of the scrapper on a table (or maybe a Tupperware box) the vibrations can pass from the scraper into the table and amplify the sound.